Jili slot gcash Antioquia de Aventura
Antioquia de Aventura

Antioquia is a department of Colombia located in the Andean region of the country. Its many natural environments, including 45 protected areas and three natural parks, are home to an exuberant biodiversity. Besides places of high scenic value and great cultural richness, this region has lots of creeks and rivers (Magdalena, Atrato, and Cauca are the main ones); as well as páramos (neotropical ecosystems at about 3800m above sea level) and forests in the Central and Western cordilleras. Canyons, rugged settings, rivers, mountains, rain forests, and lakes, and the sea, make of Antioquia a charming destination for adventure sports lovers. 

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Antioquia de Aventura - Aire
 Antioquia de Aventura - Tierra
 Antioquia de Aventura - Agua


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